About Us

„INT - Industrial Networking Technologies" is a trademark of UAB "Aedilis". It represents one of "Aedilis" business areas - provide the best Industrial Ethernet, Serial Connectivity and Fiber to Ethernet solutions along with our most professional service and support efforts for every one of our customers.
"INT" represents seven of industrial networking equipment manufacturers:

* Korenix - manufactures industrial networking equipment, Ethernet switches, interface converters, power supplies and industrial computers;

* Viola Systems - a GSM / GPRS solutions for industrial and energy facilities for remote control;

* Telewave - manufacturer of transmitter combiners, receiver distribution panels, inline and tower-top amplifiers, filtering, antennas, coaxial loads, and hand-held wattmeters. They are one of the three most reliable brands in the world;

* Conel - develops, manufactures and sells wireless communication equipment. Also offer various services for its own communication systems;

* HMS - provides reliable solutions to connect devices such as robots, control systems, motors and sensors to any industrial network;

* Intellicom - produces various protocol converters for industry and has developed a unique product - WebSCADA. Intellicom now belongs to the HMS company;

* Elseta - provides innovative solutions for automation processes, data collection, monitoring and control.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence